Island Time
Every year, the same group of families travel to their beach houses on Mustique, a small island located in the Caribbean Sea, but this year is different: only the teenage children of the rich families will be coming. For some it’s been a year since they’ve all seen each other, and a lot has changed, for some it’s been longer, and for some they’ve never even heard of this island before. A group of 16-19 year olds alone on a island, what could go wrong? A lot could, especially when everyone has a secret. Join us as our original plot unfolds! We have many roles that need to be filled, so submit your audition and come join the fun!

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Axel Evans | 16 | Drew Roy

Villa: Emerald Hill

Ships: (up to roleplayer)

Family: Josh Evans

Secret: I’m slightly schizophrenic

Axel was never completely anything. He was never fully the boy the girl wanted to date, never getting the grade he wanted, and even in his faults he was never completely one thing or another. Being slightly schizophrenic, was just one more thing on the list of things he wasn’t quite. 

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